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When Josephine lost her blankie

 A real good night story full of happines and love

In the beginning of 2015, Josefine Passer and I decided  to create a book based on a story written by Josepine. It is a lovely book about a holiday in Italy, where Josephine looses her best friend, a blankie with a sweet smell of Grannys cooking.  

The text and the illustrations go hand in hand as we had a great communication during the proces, in some way knowing what each other where thinking. A very rare but also very beautiful connection between two creative souls.

You can see more of the illustrations from the book here

The book has not yet been translated, but if you want to purchase it anyway, please feel free to do so. Contact

Danish television TV2 Nord made 3 programs about Josefine Passer, full of love and joy, but also grief and hard times. For my Danish speaking friends they can be enjoyed

here TV2Nord 


The sour Mum

 An awfull story that luckily has a happy end. If you wish to purchase this Ebook please navigate to this link to find the book translated to English. The sour Mum

What do you do, if you have the most sour mum in the world? Do you just live with it or make a plan to teach her to be happy?

One day I yelled at my two boys, and that made my oldest boy turn around and say: "Just be careful you do not turn int the sour mum!"

"Who is the sour mum?" I asked

And then Henrik told me about this awful mother, who refused to give her children ice cream, only bought them ugly clothes and made them jump in the water ponds when they where dirty. I loved the story, made illustrations for it, and wrote it down. It is now an Epub, you can buy for about 2 £ here

You can see more illustrations from the book here



Linse Kessler, jytte & cino

A 1:1 portrait of a lovely lady

In 2014 I had a great pleasure to work together with one of Denmarks best known celibrities Linse Kessler.We made a 1:1 painting of her and her lovely dogs, Jytte (Labrador) and Cino.

The piece was sold at an auction and all the money given to an organisation who works for families with children suffering from cancer

Linse has her own tv show running on 11 seasons. The program about the painting can be watched

here (it is in Danish)  

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